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Actionable Data at your Fingertips
Every time you hit a shot you receive key information in real time. Select a view that fits your needs, from easy-to-understand numbers to video recordings to a 3D view of the ball flight. Right at your fingertips.

Multi Camera Recordings
Capture, compare, & improve swings with our state of the art video software. Quickly navigate and   access videos, model swings, and drawing tools. Use the built-in radar synced camera and add 3D graphics overlay of all main data parameters.    Supplement it with up to 6 external cameras to get every angle you need.


With the Optimizer, you can see the true potential of any given shot. You can also see which parameters you may need to work on and how to train towards the perfect shot.

Normalization allows you to fit and teach in all weather conditions and with any ball type. It   converts your range ball numbers to what they would have been hitting the shot with a premium ball! It also allows you to see what the ball flight would have been under calm conditions. You can even adjust temperature and altitude to see how they affect distance and trajectory.


Compare your swing with the best
The compare features provides a quick and simple solution for creating the visuals your student needs. With easy access to the shot library, you can find the compare shot you are looking for, either from the same student or a Tour player. A fundamental tool in a coach’s daily work routines.

Screencast Recordings
Your complete overview delivered on one screen with data and video merged. Voice over to explain every step of the swing, 3D graphic overlays and intuitive drawing tools to pinpoint areas to work on, down the line and front views.


Enter your favourite drills/tests
Test Centre allows you to design a specific test to fit the golfer’s needs. Generate your own test protocols that focus on wedges, the driver, or random distances. You have the control to  create the practice plan.

Lesson Prices Non member Member
1 Lesson (45mins) £35.00 £30.00
3 Lessons £90.00 £75.00
6 lessons £175.00 £150.00
10Lessons £275.00 £225.00


Lesson PricesNon MemberMember
1 Lesson (45 mins)£35.00£30.00
3 Lessons£90.00£75.00
6 Lessons£175.00£150.00
10 Lessons£275.00£225.00

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